We Listen

Workplace Strategy

Change, wellness and workplace strategies are key to business success. People engagement is the key to that success. Inquisitive, research-led and data-driven, we listen to our client’s needs and get to the source of your objectives and challenges. This enables us to advise and implement unique and measurable solutions. Together we define the space you need for your business, and help identify a location that best suits those needs. Pre-lease Services are tailored to the client assignment and may include some, or all, of the following:

Change Management

Work environments are dynamic living entities made up of diverse people each with their own experiences, values, and personalities. As such, introducing a new workplace can have a significant impact on people, processes, and culture. By having a structured approach to manage the people side of change, you can increase the speed of adoption of new workplace behaviors and minimize resistance. Change Management can help minimize disruption to productivity and avoid costly setbacks. Our change management services include the following:

Sustainability & Wellness

We are leading practitioners in health and wellness design, we integrate sustainability practices and manage them through each and every phase of a project. LEED is built into all our projects, even if commissioning is not requested.

We have extensive experience in industry certifications such as LEED, and WELL, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of best practice metrics with transformative results.

We See

Interior Design

We listen, we see, we create the physical, and digital environment to support your people at work. We merging ideas with expertise from across all disciplines of design, architecture, culture, brand, and technology. We create productive, inspiring and holistic work environments that positively impact people and organizational success.


Our Furniture Selection services go far beyond furniture. Establishing criteria based on the specific needs of your organization, we will provide holistic solutions that best utilize space in your environment. Both at occupancy, and also providing surety of cost going forward.

Environmental Branding

We help organizations to communicate and celebrate their brands in the workplace. Through the integration of brand strategy, graphics and environmental design, we create moments that enhance the user experience, deliver a distinct message and connect to the purpose of a business.

We Create

Project Delivery Services

Successful Project Delivery starts at the beginning of Design and flows through final occupancy. We ensure that all the necessary roles on the project are filled with qualified professionals. We manage the team’s activity to ensure everyone delivers on their commitments to the project. We work with our client to establish the project budget and schedule, update them regularly and promptly address any variations. We monitor the work of the construction and installation team to ensure that the final product meets and exceeds your expectations.

We lead projects from start to finish through a unique, integrated approach, taking full responsibility to ensure an exemplary end result. Our project leadership, construction management excellence ensure that projects are delivered to the highest quality, on time, and within budget.

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