Thirty Meter Telescope

Near the center of Pasadena, California at the TMT International Observatory, and at various locations around the world, a team of astronomers, engineers, scientists and project specialists is busily planning and designing what will eventually become the most advanced, powerful optical telescope on Earth. Coming from a cellular space that was a legacy of old-school engineering, TMT International Observatory  required a new, customized, modern facility, one that reflects the singular focus of their organization, outfitted with state-of-the-art technology, that promotes employee well-being during often long hours, supports their need to perform focused, precision work, and their need for intense real-time in-house and international collaboration.

The program’s focus was to create a healthy, transparent workspace with state-of-the-art technology, open plan workstations, multitudes of teaming areas/ conference rooms in various sizes and a variety of heads-down spaces and private rooms.

At the core of this telescope’s design is the hexagon – its mirror is made of many hundreds of hexagonal segments. Our design takes inspiration from this shape which occurs in the flooring, applied graphics, and the angularity of select furniture pieces.  Colors Green, Red, Blue and Grey recur throughout.  Inter-galactic murals, satellite-shaped pendant lights, recessed linear lighting, high-tech materials, clean white walls, and an abundant use of glass create a clean, modern space with other-worldly hints.