Scorpion Internet Marketing

Scorpion Internet Marketing is a rapidly growing Valencia based digital marketing agency. Needing to solidify their brand and consolidate their 500+ employees under one roof, they negotiated the purchase of their own 100,000 square foot building, giving them full control of the build-out to suit their needs. The client’s objectives were to create a well-branded environment with flexible spaces that support their unique work processes, enhance employee well-being, and accommodate future growth. The resulting project is a sleek, high-performance, amenity-rich space that is a testament to the client’s success and marks their transition from start-up to well-established brand.

Accommodating the client’s projected staff growth and the many large-scale amenities requested required highly creative, strategic space planning. Designers planned a central amenity zone for a regulation half-sized basketball court with an adjacent fitness center, locker rooms, a full-service servery, recording studio, and training room.
One of the greatest challenges was not only accommodating the basketball court, but the height it required. In addition to maintaining the building exterior, we couldn’t reduce the valuable upper office floors’ real estate. A decision was made to recess the ground floor slab. Working together with the original building engineers, we maintained portions of the existing foundations, all of the existing steel, and depressed the floor by eight feet.

Company leadership credits the project with helping them recruit top talent and keeping employees happy. Having previously been scattered across many disparate offices in several buildings in a non-descript corporate office park, they now have all 500 employees under one roof and are planning to expand into the adjacent building.

Our team conducted office-wide Pre and Post Occupancy Surveys. The results demonstrated the following: Employee satisfaction with their individual workspace increased by over 20%. Level of satisfaction with the communal office areas and amenities increased by 30-50%. A statistically significant number of employees responded that the office was more spacious, comfortable, less distracting, more efficient, less noisy, less hot, less stressful, more inspiring, pleasant, productive and sustainable. Employees responded that the office environment better supports collaboration, concentration and confidentiality. 30% more employees felt the workplace better supports a professional image for clients, has the ability to be flexible and fluid, and helps attract and retain employees.

This project is the recipient of the 2019 CoreNet Global REmmy Award for Innovative Workplace over 50,000 square feet.