Confidential Financial Services – Pasadena

In designing branch offices for this leading financial institution’s wealth management services, Wirt Design Group tailors each office to the client base and local geography.  For our assignment in Pasadena, this meant creating a space that resonates with their unique clientele, reflects the character of the community and supports the functions of this highly specialized segment of their business.

Designers responded with a space that is inviting and comfortable, yet sophisticated. The reception, client waiting area and various meeting spaces support both formal and informal meetings and transactions. Upon entering reception, one is immediately welcomed by greenbelt views of Pasadena outside.  Floor-to-ceiling glazing and the openness of the space allow unobstructed views.  Quartered walnut paneling throughout adds a sense of warmth to this clean, modern space.  Furnishings are comfortable and tailored in quality, timeless finishes. The space is grounded on solid natural marble flooring and reclaimed walnut planks.  Art by local artists brings color into the otherwise neutral space.  A sculpture of strung roses was commissioned specifically for this “City of Roses” client.