Confidential Public Utility Company

A public utility company asked Wirt Design Group to reimagine its original eighty year old headquarters as a creative new space to host acquisition targets. The company envisioned a space that would honor their company history while looking to the future.

The 5,000-square-foot space itself was the first nod to the client’s legacy. Demolition crews stripped the space to its structural elements, many of which designers left unclad, including concrete pillars with the original construction markings exposed. Designers spent hours digging through corporate archives to recover photos from when the building was erected, and many now hang on the walls of the new space.

Because the office would be the setting for negotiating the future of the company, the client wanted to overlay the history of a very traditional company with an inspiring sense of things to come. Contemporary furniture, walls of glass, and wood veneers provide the right accents and make it clear this is a company with a solid foundation, but clearly current and looking ahead.