Bluebeam Software

Established in 2002, Bluebeam provides innovative technology solutions that have set the standard for collaboration and workflow efficiency for architecture, engineering and construction professionals worldwide. Throughout the years, the company responded to growth at its southern California headquarters by leasing additional spaces and eventually operated out of three different campuses. In order to bring everyone together in one space, the company leased an Art Deco building, currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The building was originally constructed as a laundry plant in 1927 and converted to office space in 2007. The two-story space features bow-truss ceilings, clearstory skylights, floating staircases, and a mezzanine area.  This unique space gives Bluebeam the opportunity to create a collaborative and transparent office with Wirt Design that supports their diverse work styles, reinforces their brand, and provides an environment that better represents their role as a software company servicing the design and construction industry.