Akerman LLP

When relocating their Los Angeles regional office, Akerman LLP sought to create an atypical law office that would equally match their atypical firm.  This meant departing from the traditional, conservative environment they were in to a one-of-a-kind, amenity-rich space capable of supporting their innovative practice.

Our design philosophy capitalized on Cal Edison Building’s historic character and integrated it with modern design elements.  The aesthetic reflects Akerman’s image as a well-established, but forward-thinking brand.  To accomplish this, designers exposed the deck, exterior walls, flooring and columns.  Revealing the concrete, waffle slab ceiling and original hand-painted column numbers exposed the building’s history, and creates texture and interest.

Designers played with geometries of architectural elements against the grid of the ceiling.  Glass, natural stone, glossy ceramic tile, pops of red and modern artwork, furnishings, and lighting contrast with the rawness of the exposed antique structure.  Carpet and wood paneling add a sense of warmth to the minimalist space.

The client required a large open space for entertaining, a 36-person board room, and an assortment of meeting spaces in various sizes.  Just past reception is a large open lounge, surrounded by a massive boardroom, two meeting rooms and breakroom.  All the meeting spaces have movable glass partitions which, when fully opened creates one large space.  The adjacent patio serves as an extension of the entertainment space but is used daily by the attorneys needing to step away from their desks to recharge.

The resulting space is bright, open, comfortable, and progressive office that directly aligns with Akerman’s brand.  The new office establishes a modern image for the firm in the LA market.  The client credits the space for helping them meet their business objectives and retain and recruit talent.