Design for Humanity

Valued Clients and Business Partners, 

In the midst of the pandemic and ongoing social discord, WDG has been watching, listening, staying informed and supporting.    

A few weeks ago,  orders  for the pandemic began  slowly lifting  and companies  started thinking about how to return to work. We  were proactive in helping, not only our clients but also our industry partners  adjust to this new world – then two weeks ago, the nation shifted its focus to the tragic death of George Floyd and issues  of  racial inequality. 

As an office of diverse and creative individuals with varied backgrounds and identities – embedded in a city known as a true cultural melting pot – we stand in support of all efforts to help end racial injustice and recognize the need for meaningful change.  

As an organization, we are looking at concrete ways to commit our unique skillset to action. Because we have a responsibility to the neighborhood in which we operate and the communities in which we live, we want to engage our office with our community to help bring design and dignity to all. 

In that spirit, we pledge to join The 1+ program, the largest pro bono service network that connects non-profits with design professionals. Our mission is to design for humanity – design that supports safe spaces and dialogue, that is inclusive and empowering. Design for progress and equity. 

Design for Humanity

Design for Humanity This philosophy serves as the backbone of Wirt Design Group‘s award-winning commercial interior design practice. Since our founding in 1994, the firm has grown into one of Los Angeles’s leading design studios with a considerable portfolio of projects for clients like Whole Foods, Wells Fargo, JLL, eHarmony and RedBull. Our long-standing client relationships with these industry leaders have been established and maintained based upon our capacity to listen to their needs, comprehend their goals, and synthesize this information into efficient and well-designed workplaces. This strategy and dedication to our work continues to make Wirt Design Group one of Los Angeles’s leading commercial interior design companies.